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We had been very very good at keeping the LSS (Light Sound Service) news page up to date, however recent events have meant that we slipped a little. Never fear though, we are here, we are back and here is a very quick roundup of what we have been up to the past number of weeks.

Installations have been very busy with LSS installing sound systems, RGB LED lighting, architectural lighting and CCTV into a number of new pubs, nightclubs, bars and live music venues over the past few months. Despite the slight downturn in the early parts of the year we have planned carefully and worked hard to ensure our products and service are the best all round solution for our clients. Our new speaker range has proven more popular than we could have ever imagined. Our initial shipment of our FDB speakers has now almost sold out but we have another very large shipment on the way. One of the beneficiaries of these new speakers is Neesons in Newbridge who received a new sound system courtesy of LSS and FDB Audio.

LSS were asked to install a sound system in this venue that would not only provide audio for racing and matches during the day and weekends but one that would also stand up to the pressures of a busy weekend night and deliver high quality voice and music reproduction. Light Sound Service installed a complete FDB Audio sound system in all areas including the bar, lounge and the amazing new smoking area. LSS and the client are very pleased with the results and with the audio system coming in under budget and exceeding performance expectations LSS provided the solution on time, and under budget!

Our FDB Speaker range

LSS FDB Audio speakers

CCTV systems still remain at the core of our business! A lot of operators, venues and homes are very aware that during these testing times it is critical to ensure that they keep their business, their staff and customers and themselves safe. Our high quality digital CCTV camera systems comprising of professional colour or black and white cameras and digital recorders are now offering these people the piece of mind they crave. With remote access via the internet or a phone our systems are leading the way in security and CCTV in Ireland. We would love to give you some reference sites for our latest CCTV installations but that might not be the greatest idea……….

Our CCTV Systems

LSS CCTV equipment

Architecutural lighting and RGB LED have also kept us very busy. LED tape is the latest thing to tickle the fancy of designers up and down the country and as a leading supplier of RGB LED fixtures LSS have been inundated with requests for our LED and driver solutions. We have also just completed a large scale RGB lighting installation in Dublin which deserves an article all of its own so check back here very soon for news and pictures.

Our outdoor RGBW 54x3w LED Par Can

Outdoor LED Par Can RGBW 54x3w

So, there we are, that’s what we have been doing and some projects we have done. Keep tuned for an update about our latest large external/architectural LED lighting project!