HIRE - Laser hireLasers, still one of the most eye catching effects available today, and when used correctly they are one of the best too. With our new, modern laser stock we can offer so many features that these are one of the most versatile pieces of kit we stock.

Project your logo on a wall, write your name across the floor, or have a laser beam show to wow guests at your event. Our laser stock comprises only the latest models, with the best features, and with lasers capable of writing on buildings across rivers we are sure to have a laser to suit your project and needs.

Light Sound Service are Irish agents for Laserworld Lasers. Widely regarded as one of the worlds leading laser suppliers they have a huge range. Once connected to our Pangolin control system, these lasers are capable of text, graphics, beams, lines and much more.

Contact Light Sound Service today, and let us start designing your laser show for your event.