Musik Messe 2011

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It is the time of year when trade shows start to happen in our industry and recently LSS made our annual pilgrimage to Frankfurt for Pro Lights and Sound 2011.

Musik Messe – Frankfurt

Musik Messe 2011

Our Frankfurt trip is a great opportunity for us to see all of the worlds key manufacturers under one roof. It serves as the launch point for new products and innovations for many of our industries key players and this year was no different.

LSS spent a great deal of time on the KV2 Audio booth and at their external demonstration area. KV2 are world renowned for their unwavering commitment to perfect sound reproduction and yet again their stunning product display, especially in the external areas, left people amazed at he quality and excellence their systems produce. Their VHD system that comprised of only 6 speakers put line arrays and other systems to shame!

Following on from our audio escapades we shifted our focus to the indoor areas and to lighting. As has been the trend for a number of years now there was LED everywhere! Everything now uses an LED light source and to see some of the new fixtures that are promised for this year was great. Onwards however to the Laserworld booth where the guys from Laserworld had taken a different approach to their booth for this year. They had implemented a new Laser dome, an all encompassing laser environment where they showed their latest products and the amazing Phoenix control software. Some of the new products on show by Laserworld were the new PL Series and their new housings, as well as the new CS-1000RGB laser and it’s bigger brother the CS-2000RGB laser.

Click here to see a stunning video of the Laserworld booth

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As RCF Dealers LSS also made a stop to the RCF and SGM stand where we had a look at some of the new and exciting products that are coming soon from these exciting forward thinking companies. A new light weight line array is on the way from RCF as is a new series of installation speakers, whilst SGM are doing amazing things with LED strobe lights and colour changers.

All in all Pro Light this year was a great show. There are a whole host of new DJ products on the way as well as new speakers, lights and lasers from a whole load of different manufacturers. LSS will continue to ensure you are kept up to date with the very latest in news and products.

LSS spent a busy 2 days in Frankfurt where we met with a number of different manufacturers, distributors and resellers. We even came across a few from home! Our efforts to bring our customers the very best products at the best prices possible continue and we will keep pushing ahead and leading the way for as long as we can!