ADJ Warp Tri LED

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Light Sound Service always work hard to ensure that we can offer our customers the very latest products from the worlds of audio, video, lighting and effects. With technology and products changing so quickly it is important to us that we constantly offer the latest and most innovative kit to our customers. That is why we are constantly ordering stock, adding to our inventory and attending trade shows and events. Despite the general downturn LSS have remained committed to retaining our stock levels and to ensuring that we can offer our customers the very best services possible. We have just taken delivery of a number of shipments and we have no less than 3 shipment en route to us.

American DJ equipment is consistently held in stock here at LSS. We offer American Dj amplifiers, mixers, speakers, lighting effects and much more to our customers. We always have stocks of amplifiers, mixers and lighting effects ready to go. The latest lighting effect of choice appears to be the Warp Tri Effect LED light. This fixture has the appearance of a traditional “twister” type effect light but it uses an LED light source offering long life, no lamp replacement and no heat. Unlike a number of LED lighting effects the Warp Tri LED gives out proper gobo’s or patterns making it ideal for music bars, nightclubs, and mobile DJ applications.

The ADJ Warp Tri LED effect

ADJ Warp Tri LED

We also have the American DJ VMS4 DJ Controller in stock. This is a revolutionary DJ controller that offer a sound card and controller all in 1 unit. This amazing unit comes in at an unbeatable price and offers features typically only found on more expensive units. The VMS4 is in stock at LSS and is available to demo, and remember it comes with VDJ in the box, so no software purchase needed!

The VMS4 DJ Controller

American Audio VMS4

There is another large shipment of FDB Speakers that are currently en route to us. Our first shipment of FDB Speakers sold out in no time. Their competitive pricing and absolutely stunning performance have made them a very popular choice for bars, nightclubs and live use. We have sold numerous sets for both installations and mobile work. We currently have FDB speakers in stock in Dublin to fulfill any needs you may currently have, and we are looking forward to receiving our next large shipment in the coming days.

FDB Audio speakers

FDB Audio speakers

As you can tell from the above LSS are continuing to carry stock to ensure we can quickly meet our customers demands and needs. Whether you need speakers, amplifiers, lasers, lighting effects or anything else we have it in stock and ready to go. Don’t forget we also have Skytrackers, RGB LED Par Cans, UV lights and a lot more on our hire stock ready for your event or clubnight. Please contact us for more information. LSS are Irelands leading stockists of all things sound, lighting and effects, contact us for more information.

One of our Skytrackers from hire stock

Skytracker for hire from LSS



Kv2 Audio

We are Irelands Kv2 Audio dealer This sound is in a game of its own. full spec sheets be posted up soon