Residence Piano Bar

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Light Sound Service have installed a new RCF Sound system into Residence members club in Dublin. The piano room in Residence members club has proven a roaring success with guest artists regularly performing there. The room had out grown the sound system initially installed by Light Sound Service and a new solution was needed to keep up with the growing quality of artists appearing there.

The piano bar in Residence where LSS installed anĀ RCF sound system

Residence Piano Bar

Light Sound Service discussed a number of options with the client. There were a number of criteria put forward, quality, ease of installation, appearance and of course price. Having looked at all of the options available to us, and having taken our clients guidance into account we specified a pair of RCF C3110 Speakers with a bass bin for the room. LSS carried out the installation in this listed and protected building in less than a day with no damage at all to the beautiful building. We adjusted the settings on the system, ensuring the cross overs and amplifiers were set correctly and carried out a full blown demo to our client.

The RCF C3110 as used by LSS in Residence

RCF C3110 Loudspeaker

The client is 100% happy with the newly installed RCF system and the improvement over the initial system is incredible! The RCF system offers amazing performance from an extremely small and aesthetic box, at a great price point. LSS have a number of RCF systems in stock in our warehouse suitable for DJ’s, bands, live use and installation. Contact us for more information .