Moving head internals

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The past couple of weeks have been busy for LSS. Whilst the installation and sales of equipment may have slowed down, service and maintenance have not. With money and credit being in short supply people have had to change their attitudes. Gone are the days of replacing a light or speaker because it was blown or acting up, gone are the days of buying new sound and lighting equipment every few months. People have started to realize that they need to look after the equipment they buy, and when it does give a problem it can be repaired!

The internals of a moving head

Moving head internals

Just look at the amount of motors and mechanics in the above moving head.

When you invest in something like a car you know it will need to be serviced and maintained. When you buy kitchen equipment you clean it, when you buy elevators or other mechanical items you service them, sound and lighting equipment is no different. Lights, lasers and sound systems all need regular maintenance to keep them operating correctly and efficiently. Not only that, by maintaining your equipment regularly you minimize the chances of the piece of equipment failing. By cleaning out an amplifier for example, the fans can work right, the amplifier can be cooled correctly and the amplifier will not overheat or kill itself internally. This is the best form of maintenance, preventative maintenance. All too often people call LSS when something has died, or when it is no longer working. This is despite the fact that the piece of equipment may have been displaying symptoms for some time. More often than not, it’s too late. Had we been called early enough we could have replaced the faulty sensor, lamp, loom etc. Instead, it was ignored or put on the long finger and now the unit is dead. It is critical that nightclubs, live venues, disco bars and DJ’s maintain their equipment. Amplifiers and lights need to be serviced regularly. They need to be cleaned and their internals checked by a professional person. This will protect you, your customers and your equipment.

Light Sound Service have been very busy carrying out service and maintenance tasks on professional audio and lighting equipment for our customers. Our professional on site service allows us to service any piece of audio or lighting equipment in any venue. If a piece of equipment has a more serious fault we then offer to remove the unit, and take it to our workshop where we can asses the fault properly and offer the client an accurate diagnosis and a realistic price to repair the unit, if a repair is possible! This is a service we have been offering nightclubs, bars, restaurants, hotels and DJ’s all over the country and it has proven very popular and effective. Service starts from only €400 (ex VAT) Nationwide**

LSS are committed to offering the very best products and services possible to all of our customers. If you are interested in our service and maintenance facilities please do not hesitate to contact us.

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